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What is the Record Club?

Sam Beeton is a Nottingham singer songwriter. After a brief period with a major label, Sam has forged ahead with his own ‘Direct To Fan’ approach. Sam has formed his own label ‘Sweet Luigi’ and devised his subscription ‘Record Club’ where he releases a CD each month to his fans.

Each CD is hand signed by Sam, and features his latest recorded song. In this way he can constantly release new material and build his fan base. Here are some of the examples of his terrific fan engagement, feedback and reactions from fans around the world. Sam now has subscribers in every continent.


Sam said “The reaction has been incredibly positive. Since I had the idea to release music this way I’ve been very excited about it and I’m sure other artists will soon begin to follow suit. When I finish a new song, I can send it out that month rather than having to agonise for a year over track listing, release dates and hairstyles as with traditional album schedules. And because people have bought into the record club for a year, I don’t have to market each release over and over. 

The monthly record club is also a godsend creatively, as I know there will be an outlet for my work, and I can strive to make it the very best each month. It also allows me to add in special bonus tracks and treats for people to hear. The feedback at shows, and through Twitter, has been amazing!” 


Every edition also has a different Youtube video with highlights of Sam’s activity, clips from the songs, and the odd interview or competition. This creates a whirlwind of engagement, interaction and activity every month.
Fans have been very supportive of this new Direct-To-Fan approach, so much so that some started requesting renewal at Month 7. The Record Club has just completed it’d first year (Feb 2012) and a new Season 2 will begin in April 2012 after Sam finishes a tour with Charlie Simpson in the UK.
You can find out more at Sam’s website.