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About Sam Beeton

Nottingham songwriter Sam Beeton has been writing and recording songs since he was just 15. His first single ‘What You Look For’ was Record of the Week for both Radio One’s Jo Whiley and Scott Mills and he toured nationwide with James Morrison and The Script. Sam has recently set up his own label in a partnership with music producer Livingstone Brown, and managers James Lawrence and Patrick Haveron.

Sam’s move to go direct-to-fan involved creating his own, innovative approach – a monthly “Record Club”, so that subscribers can receive his latest songs on CD, every month. Each CD is personalised by Sam, which creates a strong connection between himself as the artist and the fans buying and listening to his music.

Sam said “The reaction has been incredibly positive. Since I had the idea to release music this way I’ve been very excited about it and I’m sure other artists will soon begin to follow suit. When I finish a new song, I can send it out that month rather than having to agonise for a year over track listing, release dates and hairstyles as with traditional album schedules. And because people have bought into the record club for a year, I don’t have to market each release over and over. Even putting a new track on Myspace took a lot of telling people it was there to get it heard. The monthly record club is also a godsend creatively, as I know there will be an outlet for my work, and I can strive to make it the very best each month. And of course, I’ll be putting in special bonus tracks and treats for people to hear.”

Sam’s bedroom video of ‘My Doll’ was spotted by Christopher Bailey, the creative director of Burberry, who requested Sam perform for their acclaimed Burberry Acoustic video sessions. ‘My Doll’┬áhas become one of the most popular Burberry Acoustic sessions. Burberry asked Sam to perform a second acoustic session, which is unheard of, for his single ‘Storyteller’ in March 2012. Sam also performed ‘Storyteller’ on the BBC2 Review show.

Sam continues to release a CD a month to his fanclub through his subscription Record Club. The first years recordings are available as a double album called ‘Record Club Sessions’ from his website. Season Two of Record Club began in April 2012.

You can hear more at Sam’s Soundcloud