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Sam Beeton Italian Tour Day 5


We had an interesting night staying in a haunted farmhouse in the mountains – we arrived late, seeing nobody but a dog tethered outside, awoke to find the lights and heater turned off during the night, and in different positions. All very spooky.. and nobody to be seen at all. We quickly took the train from Bossano via Mestre and Treviso to Vittorio Veneto. Sam chose The Beatles to accompany him.


Vittorio Veneto is a town named after a victorious battle between Italy and Austia-Hungary at the end of the First World War. It was also a strategic town in the defence of Venice. The vineyards are famous for producing Prosseco, and we were greeted with a Campari/Prosecco Aperitif.┬áThis is the view from the venue – we later took the opportunity to sample the very vineyards we had travelled through on the train.


The venue Spazio Mavv was a bar/ Arts Centre run by a local team of guys, Thomas, Marcus and Marco, who were passionate about music, drink and food. We were treated to local cheese, ham and deep friend Veneto polenta – perfect!


Main course was a delicious Radicchio risotto – made with the red leaved local Veneto vegetable. Bitter and spicy, it complimented the pepper rice perfectly. We were discovering plenty of local produce!


Sam performed to a packed bar. The guys had built a purpose built stage, and the audience wanted more and more.


The crowd wouldn’t let him go after an hours set, so Sam started pulling both new songs out the bag, and some old classics such as ‘Trouble and Strife’. After a three encores we finally got to try some more local Prosecco!


The venue have a gallery of images here. Here’s Sam’s view of the packed venue:



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