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Sam Beeton Italian Tour Day 3

Published on January 24, 2013 by in Live


There is so much to see in Rome, so we set off for some more sightseeing by foot, ending up in the Vatican City and St Paul’s square. Couldn’t decide on which Pope memorabilia to buy, so we invited him to the gig just in case. In passing the dry cleaners, it was good he was getting his outfit ready for the show:


Didn’t realise just how vast The Vatican was as a church – at least 10 adjoining cupolas, and a massive central nave. The marble, gold leaf, frescos and sculptures were pretty breathtaking.


It was very good of the Pope to grant us an audience (!):


The Rome venue is called Black Market and the night is promoted by Alessio and Emanuele under the name of ‘Unplugged in Monti’. Most shows don’t start until 11pm, so it was amazing to have a packed room at 9pm, with everybody seated quietly, and listening to the whole hour’s show without going to the bar – very different from London audience’s! Photo from the soundcheck:


The room was so full that we couldn’t get close to film, and at one point a particular harmonica – left in the dressing room out front – hand to be handed forward row by row! Look forward to coming back there!

Unplugged in Monti: Sam Beeton – Rain down on me from Katerina Bon Vora on Vimeo.

Storyteller live in Rome:

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